loved and approved

Love and Approval

God created us to have the need for love and approval.

We often attempt to earn approval from the world, without actually realising that we already received approval from Jesus.

Therefore receive one another, just as Christ received us, to the glory of God.

Romans 15:7

The enemy tries to trick us by feeding lies, which results in the perception that God’s love has to be earned. We often believe that sin leads to not being loved anymore and not being forgiven. All these are only condemnation attacks of the enemy.

Romans 8:39 states that we can’t be separated from God’s love.

A practical example is in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve sinned and realized they were naked (v. 10), but God didn’t embarrass them but clothed them (v.21).

Physically He clothed them with clothes and spiritually with grace, forgiveness and His unfailing love.

We have a need for love and approval, which we can just receive from Christ without having to earn it.